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How to Turn Anonymous Visitors into Loyal Customers

Today, marketers find one of their biggest challenges is converting anonymous website visitors into loyal customers. Research shows more than 98 percent of website visitors are anonymous. It may seem ambitious and a bit naïve, but most brands want every single person who visits their sites to make a purchase… Read more »

Tóm tắt 5 định hướng chính ứng dụng Big Data và A.I cho AdsPlay Platform

Market Analytics: Phân tích dữ liệu sức cầu của thị trường, nhu cầu tiêu dùng từ Social Media Predictive Branding Analytics: Phân tích khả năng branding và hiệu quả từ các kênh truyền thông Media Media Planning Analytics: Phân tích và trợ giúp lên các kế hoạch truyền thông Digital… Read more »

PostgresSQL as Advertising Data Warehouse

The Future of Advertising: What You Should Know ?


The checklist is built from the book Vision 1: Traditional Advertising Transformed New Advertising: Born of Technology 1 – Ripe for Change but Resisting It 2 – Consumer Information Overload: Shift to Consumer-Centric Advertising Model 3 – Building Brand Relationships with Empowered Consumers 4 – Big Data and the Digital… Read more »

How cool in AdsPlay version 1 !


AdsPlay được thiết kế như 1 công cụ Monetization (Reactive Digital Advertising) cho mô hình Media Business thế kỷ 21, đa thiết bị (Multiscreen Ad Delivery) với tính năng Real-time Analytics và Reactive Marketing dưa trên hành vi người xem (Audience Behavior Analytics) để targeting và cá nhân hóa trải… Read more »

The 10 Algorithms Machine Learning Engineers Need to Know


Read this introductory list of contemporary machine learning algorithms of importance that every engineer should understand. By James Le, New Story Charity. It is no doubt that the sub-field of machine learning / artificial intelligence has increasingly gained more popularity in the past couple of years. As Big Data is… Read more »

10 Digital Trends to Watch in 2016

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. ”- Alan Watts Whether or not you’re familiar with the late twentieth century philosopher Alan Watts, I think the above quote is great advice, especially for digital advertising professionals. … Read more »

Four Really Real Meanings of Real-Time

Here are four different things that I believe real-time really means, and how to determine which meaning you’re using. Sub-Second Response Generally, when engineers say “real-time”, they are usually referring to sub-second response time. In this kind of real-time data processing, nanoseconds count. Extreme levels of performance are key to success…. Read more »