The Future of Advertising: What You Should Know ?


The checklist is built from the book

Vision 1: Traditional Advertising Transformed
New Advertising: Born of Technology

1 – Ripe for Change but Resisting It
2 – Consumer Information Overload: Shift to Consumer-Centric Advertising Model
3 – Building Brand Relationships with Empowered Consumers
4 – Big Data and the Digital Transformation in Advertising

Traditional Morphs into New Advertising

5 – Consumer Relationship Management Strategy: More Important Now Than Ever Before
6 – Tailoring Promotional Material: Is It Worth It?
7 – Direct-To-Consumer Advertising and Interactive Media: Historical Development, Stakeholder

Relations, Regulatory Challenges, and Future Directions
8 – Electronic Word-of-Mouth and User-Generated Content: Past, Present and Future
9 – Native Advertising: Engagement, Deception and Implications for Theory
10 – Streaming Video: Anytime, Anywhere
11 – How Does It Play Out? The Intersection of Advertising and Gaming
12 – Experiential Marketing: Interaction In Person

How and Where to Reach Empowered Consumers

13 – Branding: Changing the “How” and “Where” in Reaching Today’s Consumers
14 – Content Strategy: Create, Connect, Collaborate
15 – The Interaction Is the Message: A User Experience Perspective with Owned Media

Vision 2: New Media, New Uses, New Metrics

Social Media = New Channels

1 – Social Media Engagement: Advertising Practices, Measurement, Issues and Engagement
2 – Social Media Marketing: a 3A’s Model of Best Practices
3 – Investigating the Antecedents of Social Media Behavior Among Multicultural Segments

Going Mobile

4 – Mobile: Everyone’s Answer Box
5 – Branded Mobile Apps and Mobile Platforms as New Tools for Advertising
6 – Unraveling User Psychology of Location Check-Ins Via Mobile Devices
7 – Real Time Marketing: The Agility to Leverage “Now”
8 – Fit or Unfit: The Role of Advertising in Wearable Devices
9 – Persuasive Avatars: Extending Self Through New Media Advertising

Algorithms, Analytics and Concerns

10 – The Road to Discovery: Intricacies of Search Marketing
Kathryn Mathews and Zachary Zaban, Starcom, Chicago
11 – Programmatic Advertising Opens New Doors for Data, Analytics and Research,
12 – Digital Measurement Evolutions and Solutions
13 – Tracking Audience Data for Your Content on Social Platforms
14 – Privacy: Future Threat or Opportunity?
15 – What does it mean to practice advertising ethically in today’s new advertising ecosystem?

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