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As Media Channels are now mixed and varied is your business making the most of the advertising opportunities?

In today’s world, digital media is the core of every integrated campaign and the online environment is becoming increasingly fragmented.

People are in contact with many brands every day, in some shape or form. The instant access media culture of ‘What I want, when I want it’ means your customers potentially have many contact points to your brand. Panovista can identify these contact points in order to prioritise and maximise them.

Media Planning is a process where we work with your business to;

  1. identify a strategy
  2. buy Ad space
  3. monitoring and report
  4. build upon results.

We help you locate niche sites that are going to bring in targeted traffic. We leverage the media planning to complement your other marketing channels and to benefit your search engine marketing.

At Panovista Marketing we are focused on helping you find the right solutions to fit with your product and the market you are aiming towards by carrying out bespoke plans and research for each customer.

We work across print, online and Digital TV including international sources aiming for carefully targeted return on investment campaigns as oppose to mass awareness.

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