R&D Topics at AdsPlay for new engineers



AdsPlay is the video advertising network and data intelligence platform for Premium Agencies and Premium Publishers

More about AdsPlay Business: http://engineering.adsplay.net/2016/08/25/digital-marketing-trends-to-look-forward-in-2016-2017/

1) AdsPlay Back-end:

  • RFX framework: https://github.com/rfxlab/rfx
  • Data processor workers (Java)
  • Ad server (Java)
  • Core Data API server (Java / NodeJS)
  • Data Model (Java)
  • Database:
    • PostgreSQ-XL (http://www.postgres-xl.org ) : CRM and Data Warehouse
    • MongoDB: Ad Delivery
    • Redis: In-memory processing
    • OrientDB: Ad Suggestion, Data Recommendation

2) AdsPlay Data Pipeline:

3) AdsPlay Front-end:

  • MEAN stack: NodeJS,ExpressJS, MongoDB  AngularJS
  • Chart libraries: D3.JS ,  LeafletJS , Morris.js , NVD3.js

4) Ad-hoc Log Query Engine:

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