Big Data and Advertising for the Sports Fan’s Experience [INFOGRAPHIC]

SAP data at HoffenheimThe data can be analysed in real-time by data experts – and training schedules can be adapted

NSA , a super analytic in football , is developed at Germany for this World Cup 2014

“The sports students in Cologne have been studying in great detail our opponent and put every play they’ve run, every newspaper article on them, and everything about them out there under the microscope and made all that data available to us,”

(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::

big data is about capturing the “moment”. The German team was able to capture and analyze each and every moment about the Brazilian team including the passes they play, how they react upon pressure, and even every quote about them in newspapers. They were able to analyze hidden team behaviors and strategy information.

Big Data is about capturing every single “moment” throughout the human life

Network television and technology have made it easy for the fan to stay home and watch games on multiple screens instead of rousing themselves to go to the stadium. However, with the help of big data, arenas and stadiums are improving the game day experience by making it more comfortable, more personal, and closer to the action than ever.


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